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    I downloaded the trial of Verichat two days ago and have been using it constantly. Overall its working fine without major problems (except no MSN connection due to new MSN protocols - which will be solved soon), but here are some issues I can't solve:

    1) I find myself missing a LOT of calls when on this service, even when I'm not IMing. In other words, the arrows are green more than I'd like them to be, even when not IMing people. Any solutions?

    2) How is the Verichat I'm experiencing now different from Verichat once Sprint has SMS up and running? Will that solve #1?

    3) How do I quickly switch in and out of Verichat? Everytime I go out of Verichat (go to the dialpad, for example), I have to restart Verichat, forcing it to go through the reconnection procedures again. It keeps me online, but isn't there a way to just switch what you're looking at for a minute or two without the need for reconnection?

    4) My buddy lists don't seem to always update properly for people who are on and offline. ie, I see people who are not online, and don't see people who are online (I sign on using a different screen name from laptop to confirm who's online and who's not).

    5) What's buddy pounce?

    The search feature didn't help me. Any ideas/solutions would be appreciated, esp from the PDAapps guys on this board.

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    Verichat doesn't boot my off my AIM screen name if i sign onto the same screen name from another location. It works the other way though (ie, if I'm on my laptop AIM and i jump on Verichat, my laptop AIM gets booted).

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