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    After seeing a few posts here with pictures that their Treo 600 took, I am still wondering if my camera is defective.

    I've talked to Sprint and they say that's it's just the way it is, but every picture I take, in low light or high, I get this blue noise that COVERS my screen preventing anything but a crappy shot.

    Now in higher light, it is a little better, but not a lot. Does everyone's do this?

    (sorry, I accidentally replied in a post.)
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    I think it's the limitation of our screens and not of the camera. Have you sent the pictures to a PC and viewed them? Do they look just as bad?
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    All of my Treo 600 pictures have that same bluish cast, and I've yet to get anything anywhere near the quality that I've seen from some of the other people here. I've tried it in different lighting conditions and viewed them on a PC, but basically, mine sucks.

    I don't really care to waste time hassling with customer service since I didn't buy it for the camera. Now, if other problems crop up using the phone, pda functions, internet stuff - then back it goes.
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    yea they look much clearer on my pc than on the phone itself
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    Agreed. I just took some pictures and emailed them to myself at home. They look much better on my PC than they did on the Treo. My previous phone was the Sanyo 5300 w/phone. The pictures look about the same on the Treo as they did on the 5300.

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