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    Ok wait a minute. You guys are saying ACTIVATION???? Does this mean you are adding a line of service or just swapping your ESN and extending the contract. I started my contract last month for 2 years and I want a treo 600. The only way for me to do this would be to get the $399 HS promotion with a $150 service credit for renewing my current 2 year contract? Could I still do this?

    Just buy the treo 600 for $399 and hope for the best? Think I can still get in on this?
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    As I said I received a $100 service credit for a one year extension. A 5% monthly service credit on PCS bill because I also have sprint long distance and NO activation fee by calling the number handspring gave for sprint activation.
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    I called sprint and used the exact same script that you posted and was succesfull in getting a $150 service credit for a 2yr extension, no questions asked. They also waived my activation fee. I have been a sprint customer for a few years now.

    Thanks for the tip
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    Ok well I guess with the post from good2go that I should probably take my luck and order one and see what happens. If I cant get the $150 service credit I can allways sell the phone on ebay and get my money back for it correct? Any thoughts?

    Although if I get the credit that will mean around $399 + tax and shipping is around $450 for the phone and then - the 150 would be $300. Then I could sell my current phone for around 175-200 so I could end up only paying around 100-125 for the Treo 600. I sure wish HS didnt have TAX in my state!

    TAX + SHIPPING = CRAP!!!!!!!

    Wonder if I could pick it up. I do live where they HS is located!
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    when you called in, did they go through the process of contract extension?

    I just called in again... previously I got the $100 discount on the phone... and just now i got them to give me 5% off my bill... and no mention of extending my contract.

    i know that in order to officially extend the contract... they have to record your confirmation.

    has anyone had to actually extend their contract?

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    Originally posted by leobag
    Yup, 877.789.3969 is the number to call...

    My info:
    Currently on 1-year contract that started in 02/2003
    Activated Treo on 10/10/03

    Before today (and after I received my Treo 600), I must have asked Sprint at least 4 times about a contract-renewal and/or phone discount ($100/1year or $150/2year)... and all of them said no, no, and no.

    After reading this thread, I thought to myself "might as well call and get denied again" -- so I called... and guess what I was denied - I called and told the CSR that I recently purchased and activated the Treo and I was calling about the service credit promotion they were having. The woman asked me when I activated it. I replied 'about a week ago.' She told me that since it has been a week since I activated, she couldn't do anything for me. She then told me to go to "" (her wording), and call the number there for the rebate.


    I told her "This number is on the website to call" - She told me that I have to call Handspring and talk to them because it is too old.

    Whatever... typical sprint csr being dumb. Called back 1 minute later:

    This time it was too easy (almost scary how easy):
    Me: "I recently purchased and activated a new Treo 600 handset and was calling about the service credit promotion"
    CSR: "OK sure, can I have your PCS phone number?" ... "Your name?" ... "Thanks, yes, this promotion is for $100 for a 1-year contract and $150 for a 2-year"
    Me: "Yeah, I was interested in the 1-year"
    CSR: "yeah, that is what you are on"
    a few seconds later... CSR: "OK, you are all set."

    Here is the thing... I think I was able to get the service credit without a re-extension of my current contract :-) the same thing happened to me with the 5% off deal... The CSR for that said that since I was currently under contract, there was no need for an extension. I am pretty sure the same thing applied to this $100 credit.

    - Leo
    So what you are saying is...keep calling until someone helps you...just because one CSR didn't do it, doesn't mean another won't....hehe...gotta love Sprint.
    <span style="color: blue;">Where's the "Make Coffee" button again?</span>
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    i also called the 877 789 3969 number and was told NO, that the credit was only for a new line of service...

    ...called back 2 minutes later and got this women who was so nice...she too a while to find everything on her computer and the programs locked up and crashed
    ...but she kept on and found the code she needed to enter to give me the $100 credit for extending my contact for 1 year
    ...she also offered me the 5% off for being a loyal customer for so long and i didn't even ask for that yet(she mentioned the 5% offer was endiing and i just got in on it in time
    ...I also had not yet activated my treo 600 and she took care of that also(i called from my treo300 and she was the last call I'll make on it as when i hung up there was a message on the screen about some update now needed, my treo 600 dialed calls with no problem immediately but she said vision would have to wait 6 hours ago to be setup) was very fast and it prompted her to tell me exactly what keys to press as if she was there with treo 300 activation was much more difficult...
    ...she also made no mention of a $36 activation fee, but I won't even mind if I see that on the bill I think that makes it $299 for my treo 600 after the discount from handspring for treo 300 owners, plus 5% off my bill... it possible i'm actually very happy with!!!
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    According to

    Handset Upgrade Program

    Sprint PCS is starting a new Handset Upgrade Program on October 15th. Qualifying users eligible are those who have not upgraded their handsets within 18 months. Meet that criteria and you can receive a mail-in phone rebate. See if you are eligible by visiting this new web site by entering your PCS phone number and billing zip code.

    you can go to that URL, and it will tell you whether you are eligible, but not how to get the rebate... any ideas?
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    dialed 877 #. Got a 1st level CSR who could only offer me 8pm N&W, and says that I could get the contract extension credit at the Sprint stores. So I said, if you're not going to make it worth my while then I want to cancel my account. OH, let me transfer you to RETENTIONS (I've done this before, so I'm not surprised). Long story short, got the $150 2 year extension credit for equipment change (ESN swap within 30 days), 8pm N&W, free PCS to PCS. I have had my 600 ($399 HS) since Friday. Just waited to make a call to Sprint and get a deal before I activate. Well, I'm excited to finally get it activated. Now I'm going to go through the same process and activate my 300 for my other account for my son. I'll let you know how that turns out. It'll be interesting because it's a 5 yr old account with no contract.
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    ChemEngr > Thanks for that update. I think I will try the same approach if they deny me cause I have only had service for 1 month, but I think before that I would try to call back a few times and get a DECENT rep. Good thing to know we can allways talk to retention and say we are going to CANCEL and switch providers.
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    Here are my results from calling SpringPCS tonight... my objective was to get the best retention package for 2 lines of service. I had already purchased HS Treo 600 from HS for $399 with the upgrade special.

    1) Called what a phone number that a recent Wall Street Journal article said would go direct to "Retention Department"

    2) However, my call was routed to a regular first level CSR

    3) I asked to be connected with Retention. CSR said she would help me. Um, okay... after 10 minutes on the phone, we both concluded she could offer nothing special, alhtough she was a nice person and very polite. I asked to be connected to Retention and she gladly connected me.

    3) Retention rep was very friendly, and willing to provide the items I asked for based n what I read others here had gotten. She was very friendly and cheerful about it. A+++

    4) For each of my accounts: I got $100 service credit for a new phone; 700 anytime minutes for $40, 3,000 N&W minutes starting at 8:00 pm (could have selected unlimited N&W starting at 9pm); free first minute for inbound calls (i thought they had discountinued that, was suprised the offered it); free PCS to PCS; 5% loyalty discount (I had to ask for this at the end); waived the $36 activation fee; I asked for a discount on Vision but she wouldn't budge on that, other than the standard first two months free. This was with me agreeing to a 1 year term.

    I feel like I got a good deal, and on par with what others here have gotten.

    WIthout question, you've got to speak with Retention department to get anywhere.

    I will add that most of the Spring staff I spoke with tonight were very polite, professional and helpful. In contrast to my last contact with the company a year ago. Bravo!

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    I just received my Treo and it's charging!

    Were you all able to keep your old Sprint phone number?

    I called Sprint at 1.877.789.3969 just to ask a couple questions, and the woman told me that the only way to get the credit is to sign up for a new line of service with a new phone number. I'm currently a Sprint customer and my old contract is up, but she said that didn't matter.
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    Had 5 Treo 300's and been a customer since 98. Out of my contract since August (Signed a new 1 year back in August when I bought my treo last year).

    After talking to a CSR and her supervisor. Both were pretty nice. I was offered (I had to ask for it) $200 to extend my service for 1 year, and the 5% service discount for the life of my account. My unlimited night and weekend minutes now start at 8pm also.

    The 5% and unlimited night and weekend start when my new bill cycle starts on the 23rd, I actually didn't have to sign the new contract for that. The $200 is stated in my account for a new line. Not my existing line. When I decide if I want to buy the Treo 600 or not (before the $200 Handspring discount runs out on the 29th) I will call back and argue about the wording on the account. I don't have a need for a 2nd account yet.
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    I called last night to switch my service over to my new 600 from my old 300. After the nice little old lady walked me through setting it up I asked about the $150 credit for 2 year commitment. After about 5 minutes of searching she found the Treo offer and gave it to me. I kept my same plan, same phone number and got the credit on top of the $200-off upgrade from Handspring. The funny thing is, I agreed to a 2 year commitment just about 6 months ago to get the free PCS-to-PCS calling option, so it was no big deal to me to extend it out a little further.

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    i called the 877 number to activate my new t600 on my existing out-of-contract account. The first time i called, the lady was not aware of any service credits available for existing accounts, so i called back right afterwards. the second lady ("Dee") knew all about a 150 service credit for a 2 year extention... she said that it was only good for business accounts, but had no problem converrting my account to a business account just so the code could be put in. She denied that there were any $100 credits offered for a 1 year committment. She mentioned that the promo was only valid for units bought directly from Handspring. She also threw in 8 pm nights and a 5% discount. All in all, very happy!
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    Wow. I just had one of my best experieces with SPCS. I just called (for the 5th time) to get my service credit after getting my T600. The first 4 reps didn't seem to know anything about a credit, or the T600 for that matter. This one said she couldn't find a note in my account from when I bought the phone regarding a credit, but she put a nifty little code in her system giving me the $150 credit, which will appear on my next bill. AND she said she's sending me a rebate slip for $100. This part I'll believe when I see it, but she sounded like she knew what she was talking about.
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    I can't believe how many people are signing 2 year contracts.

    I can't wait for the lifetime contracts with death being the cancellation 'fee'.
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    I signed a 2 year contract in order to take a $150 instant service credit. So i figure the worse case scenario is that I break the contract and give them back the money as an early termination fee. No harm done.
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    Yeah plus with a 2 year contract you can just sell the treo for more then you paid for it and use the difference to pay the $150 if you want out. You can also kill time on your contract with the TRAVEL plan for $5 per month. Then after 1 year just call in and say you are leaving again for another year out of of country and you are now done with your contract. So many ways out of that contract!!!!!
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    I just called with the Treo ready, and got to keep my number and get the $100 for a 1 year service agreement. They gave me 8pm nights, but no 5% off -- I'll just call them back later about that one.

    All in all, good stuff. He even asked me to rate his service at the end, and said they'd be calling soon to ask out my customer experence was. Maybe the days of Clair are over...
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