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    I just wanted to warn people so they do not fall into the same boat I did...

    The Handspring HI PERFORMANCE Headset on the Handspring site under Treo 600 accesories (which makes things sound 99 times better than the junk headset that comes with it)...

    WILL NOT WORK with the Handspring FORM FIT CASE!

    The hole cutout on the bottom is not big enough. The regular ear headset that comes with it fits fine, but the Hi perf one's conenector is TOO BIG...

    I tried pushing it and smashing the leather and making the hole bigger, but all in all, you all of the sudden lose your call as it goes to regular mode.

    I purchased a headset called Cellstar fgrom Best Buy.. a bit pricey... 19.99.. they have two types one has a cloth and the other is like Handspring's... it is open with a rubber support.

    The one with the rubber support sounds REAL good... it is loud.. although the connector isn't tiny, it DOES stay in MUCH better than the handspring one. Everything is self contained in the earpiece.. the mic and the hangup button as well.. Seems to work real good.

    I hope handspring notices there is an issue with this... and fixes that end connector. If they used the same one as the reg performance heradset it would have been fine.

    If anyone knows for a fact about ANY other wired headphone that has a small enough plug on the end and DOES work and stay in with the form fit case, please post here!!

    Thanks.. and if anyone else has this same issue please post.

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    Please Note...

    if you had the same problem I did, where you buy the High performance Handspring Headset AND you have the form fit case, youw ill notice the jack does not go in and stay for the earpiece.

    What I did was use wire cutters and "trim" the sides of the jack to make it smaller... doesn't look real nice but once you do that it works like a charm... goes right in and stays.

    Hopefully handspring will realize there is an issue with this and have the manufactuer put smaller jacls on the ends of those...

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    No problem for me. The case that Orange includes doesn't even have a hole for the headset. There's only a hole for the connector.

    Actually, it doesn't have an opening for the screen either. It's the most stupid case on the market for the Treo 600.
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    You want to see the screen?? What on earth for?

    I have to agree.. wake up orange. Heck one of those felt type sunglasses case would be better then the orange case.
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    C'mon. The slip case Orange included (the exact same one I got from Handspring) is an awesome case, except for the lack of a whole for the earphone jack.

    Do you seriously want to blame the case ... or the fact that the JACK IS ON THE FLIPPIN' BOTTOM OF THE PHONE!

    Calling a spade a spade.
    Palm III > Treo 300 > Treo 600.B
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    I whole-heartedly agree! I LOVE my T600, but if HS was really going for a phone 1st and PDA second they dropped the ball on a number of truly SIMPLE things
    1. I CANNOT get my Jabra Freespeak to answer the call in answer/end mode. If they had included the damn Bluetooth in the phone this wouldn't be an issue. (By the way, until I hooked up my Freespeak I really wasn't upset there was no BT. How stupid of me.) Now I have to turn on the headset then answer the call.
    2. And speaking of calling. The Treo300 was INFINITELY safer to make a call on while driving. Squeeze the rocker once-screen comes on. Squeeze again and your calling voice command. Treo600? Turn on screen. Arrow up. Push tiny little button in the center WITHOUT moving any directional arrows, all while doing 70 down the freeway! Not real safety conscious.
    3. And finally back to answering a call. Can't get my Freespeak to emulate answer/end function on included crappy headset. No big deal, I'll just engage the auto-answer function...just gotta find it here...well it's got to be in here...just check the manuel...NO FREAKING AUTO-ANSWER?!?!?! You MUST be kidding! Even the damn Nokia 3588i "Free phone" with Sprint has a damn auto-answer! Phone 1st, PDA 2nd huh, boys? Bull****. Do I love my 600? Absofreakinlutely! Could they have made it even better with just a few simple, extra lines of code added into the program? Absofreakinluely.

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