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    I kept putting off doing a hard reset to try to fix the blazer cookie issue, mostly because I figured it would just come back since it's a known Sprint Issue that that they are working on.

    Well, today i went into the "Delete" application (from menu in app launcher), and deleted "WebCookies". Then I went to Blazer and cleared the cookie cache (which was already at 0).

    Voila! cookies worked.
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    Why can't each problem/set of symptoms have only one cause? Life would be so much simpler. *sigh*

    Looks like there were at least three different reasons for cookies to appear to not work on the T600 in Blazer when it first shipped.

    On the bright side, I've heard that the Sprint network cause has been fixed, so if anyone is still having cookie issues, try deleting your cookie file. (No hard reset needed)
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    How can you tell if you are having a cookie problem? My cookies are at zero also but it seems any page I entered info for (like amazon account etc) Lets me bbookmark and go right to that page.

    Is there a page to checkj to see if cookies are working?

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    I'm having problems with the Sprint Business Connection website, which uses cookies, so I attempted to follow the directions above. However, my T600 doesn't have an app called WebCookies. Could the absence of that app (from the delete app menu) indicate a problem in and of itself?
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    I'm having the same problems with pages that require cookies and I don't see that application in order to delete it.

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