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    I travel for a living. For example, I will be in Reno tomorrow, Manchester next day, and San Diego the following day. Different cities each week of each month. Anyone have problems travelling from their home city--ie. vision problems, voice, etc. Just curious. In the future, I will inform y'all as to how it operates from city to city.
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    For this reason I was a ten year att customer prior to switching to sprint last year when I got my treo 300. I travel all over the US about 50 percent of the time. Sprint service to my surprize is head and sholders ahead of att. I have NEVER had a problem with vision or phone. My new 600 seems to grab signals better than the 300 so I am not expecting any problems.
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    I've done the same with my T300 and it works pretty well just about anywhere. I have service in areas I would have never suspected that SPCS covered, like Marshfield, WI last week. Middle of nowhere for certain. I suspect that the T600 will be no different. It had better not, or I will be sending it back.


    Bob Duckworth
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    I travel with it all the time. It works great, provided there is sprint service. If you get sprint voice, you will have data without any need to make any changes. Slick!
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    Only place I've ever had a problem with Vision (when I'm not roaming, which preclude you from using Vision) is on a stretch of I-29 from Sioux Falls, SD south to Council Bluffs, where they have what's termed "Additional PCS Service". It's not roaming, but it's not technically Sprint either - no Vision. Also, no place west of Sioux Falls all the way to Idaho has Sprint coverage. But I've never really had any problems in Rochester, NY - coverage is good everywhere. Only places I've ever not had coverage are about half an hour away up by the lake in a state park, and one friend who's peculiarly positioned so that it's effectively a "cell-free zone" - no Verizon, Sprint, Cingular, nothing.

    Overall, I've been quite happy with Sprint's coverage. Just don't try to travel in the midwest.

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