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    I have downloaded and installed the new Sprint Business Connection software to both my computer and Treo 600, and I am able to check my pop3 email account, but I have a couple of questions.

    First, how can I get it to puch emails to my Treo? I have an option to sync every 1, 2, or 3 hours, but the option to push is not there like it is if I go to the Biz Conn email client, which I can't set up because I don't have a corporate email account.

    Also, I would like to access my documents in my pop3 email account page of Biz Conn. It seems that the three buttons in order to switch from email to contacts to documents does not exist under my pop3 email setup, yet they are there when I switch to the Biz Conn email setup. I know this becuase I can swith to the Biz Conn email account if I do not sync, becuase I have no IMAP or corporate email.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Regarding your question about 'Push' for POP -- I don't believe this is really possible. The way Push works is that software has to remain connected to the mail server so it knows when a new message arrives, and then it pushes that message out to the Treo. It is possible to make this connection with an MSFT Exchange or Lotus Domino server (that's what the desktop software does with programs like Biz Conn). It do not think it's possible to do this with POP email services (how would software like Biz Conn connect to a 3rd party service like Yahoo or Earthlink?)

    I think this is why they set up hourly sync options (or you can still do a manual sync).
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    Thanks for the response about the push feature. What about being able to access my computer remotely? Is that option not enabled for pop email like it is for corporate? The Mail, Contacts, and Documents buttons are not showing at the top of my earthlink email account in Biz Con, but if I switch to the Biz Con email account, they are there. What gives? Thanks.

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    aavirag wrote:
    What about being able to access my computer remotely? Is that option not enabled for pop email like it is for corporate?
    I used to work in the email software business, so I actually know what's up here.....There a standard POP protocol which allows services like BizConn to access your POP email, like Earthlink & Yahoo. But there's no such standard protocol for accessing calendar and contact information from these services....So it's basically email-only whenever a 3rd party is providing you with access to a POP email service.
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    Great answer.... POP has its limitations.

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