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    I'm still getting the error 3000. I've talked to tier 2 support and the best they can tell me is that there are towers out in my area (SF).

    Me: Did I mention the fact that Thursday and Friday I was in San Francisco and Friday evening I flew to Southern CA?
    Sprint: Yeah well it's acutally a problem all along the west coast.
    Me: So these towers, are they just for provisioning data?
    Sprint: No they do voice, data, everything.
    Me: But the voice obviously still works...
    Sprint: Yeah, we do things differently with voice because, you know, it would be really bad if voice went down.
    Me: Because you have people paying money for that service?
    Sprint: yeah
    Me: Well you've got people paying you money every month for data too right?
    Sprint: uh, yeah, you're absolutely correct, um let me put you on hold to check something out.

    Really sad to see how Sprint thinks about their data service like an also ran. He logged a trouble ticket for me and gave me a free month of vision but I can't figure out if I should keep waiting on sprint or if i should get a replacement phone at this point. Has ANYONE been able to provision data in the bay area or in Orange County? I saw that people in South Florida were having problems that all went away yesterday morning. Maybe CA is having similar problems.
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    I was able to provision data yesterday. However, that was after being out for over 7 days.

    Turns out the real issue was the many techs, inc. tier 2, do not know to provision the T600 properly. This leads to endless isssues.
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    So, in your case, was it the phone or the network? What did you do w/ or w/out the tech to provision successfully?

    I took mine to the Sprint store on Market st. and it was the first one they had ever seen so they obviously knew nothing about error 3000. Told me to wait for a 'few' days. grrr.
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    I have been using data in the bay for 8 days. I am right now infact on san mateo bridge
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    I had TREMENDOUS problems, and only finally got a clue what was going on when some nice woman kept calling me in the middle of the night -- said she was just hitting the Voicemail button on her Sprint phone and each time she got me.

    It has something to do with number portability, but basically each phone has two numbers -- a phone number and a system ID number.

    My system ID number was her phone number. All the phone stuff worked okay, but data wouldn't work. I told them all this, and they finally figured it all out.

    Now data is working great!

    Don't let them tell you there are outages in you area, or that you are out of range... blah blah blah. Those BS excuses just delay you getting satisfaction from a very expensive phone.

    Good luck,
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    I have to agree, don't let 'em B.S. you. I activated a 600 on an existing line in Orange County and data worked instantly (much to my surprise).
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    I had problems activating my phone. I tried twice with Sprint CSRs over the phone. The second one didn't even know what a Treo was. Neither activation took.

    I ended up going into a Sprint store that has a service department inside (not a mall Kiosk or a Radio Shack). They were quite knowledgable and got voice working instantly, and Vision came on about 30 min later.

    It turns out the CSRs in the call center set it up for a completely different model phone. It was all screwed up.

    Worth a try. It's harder to BS you when you're face to face.
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    I'm in the Bay Area near Palo Alto. I activated my Treo 600 a week ago. Voice came on in 5 minutes data in 30 minutes. Its been working great ever since.

    Two days ago I activated an i500 for my wife. Voice came on immediately, data within 5 minutes.

    No problems.

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    I had problems yesterday when I changed my username online. I was told it would take up to 4 hours but I thought it would be quicker.

    I kept trying and they told me if you login 4 times unsuccesfully to vision you get locked out for 1/2 hour.

    I still did not get it to work, so I called back and worked with one tech that had just seen the phone 1 hour earlier for the first time. She tried for an hour.

    She got another Treo expert to call me back 1 hour later that was great. Ten minutes later I was back online. They had to reset some settings. Those settings can only be done with sprints help unfortunately.

    They were real nice and kind, but it was a pain. I think you need to get to a sprint treo expert to help. They do not have much documentation yet.

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