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    I'm sorry if this sounds like a stupid question; but, my understanding was that the T600 was not yet available in major stores. Has that changed? Can I see the actual product anywhere? Thanks!
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    Yes, but it's very hard to find. I called all the ones here in Portland, OR and all either said they didn't have it, had never heard of it, or had gotten two and sold out. One Sprint Express store finally did have one.

    On a side note, they sold it for $549 instead of $599. I don't know if they are really discounting it or if they made a mistake. This was the price before any contract discounts, but the discounts they offered didn't seem as large as here or on the Handspring website.
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    Check your local sprintpcs store. I got mine from Fair Field store. They don't offer any discount/rebate for current sprint/Treo users though.
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    Ok, thank you folks.
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    It is available in Houston at Sprint stores. They don't have a lot, but I know that two stores each had a couple with more trickling in. Sorry, we call it Bay Area (Galveston), but not the one you're from!


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