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    Is there any reason that the Palm Wireless keyboard (infrared) won't work with the Treo 600. suggests that it supports OS 4.0 and higher so that's good.

    It does not list the Treo specifically but they only list Palm devices anyway.

    The Treo's infrared is at the "top" of the device. Does anyone know how the keboard connects via infrared? It seems to me that you'd have to put the Treo "upside down" to make the connection.

    Any thoughts or experience anyone??
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    I have one - use it. no problems, really. My only issue is that I can't really use it with either the power or the headset attached. I got the kboard actually before I got the 600 (was planning to use with the 300, but knew the 600 was imminent). I knew I wouldn't use it all that much, so it's there in the event I need to do some major long text doc or email or whatever.
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    Is that because attaching those items affects the way the Treo sits in the cradle/stand?

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