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    I just saw this press release from PDAapps this morning --

    Treo600SMS is released! Go get it guys!!!

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    I have been using the beta program, and now the released one..

    It works fine but I seem to have a problem...

    If I use the program, and then go to phone mode.. then turn off wireless mode it says goodbye.. THEN it performs a soft reset!

    Seems to do this every time.

    I did notice the green arrows stay on.. mabe that has to do with it.

    Does anyone else have this issue?

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    no problem here
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    I can't get past authentication. The PCS Vision site is apparently down for "upgrading" this morning, so I guess I'll have to try again later.
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    When is Sprint's actual SMS system due to be running?
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    Sprint's SMS is SUPPOSED to be working by the 23rd or 26th of Novemeber. One of those dates has been floating around various forums, I can't remember which.
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    I've also been beta testing Treo600SMS with no problems. Works Great!
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    I installed it fine, but when I try to send a message, it gives me a response (almost immediately) that says:
    An error occurred (52) when sending this message.

    Anyone receive this same error?
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    Make sure that there are no names on your shortmail list on the SprintPCS website..

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    I did the ##377 Error code to see why I get the soft reset when I turn the wireless off after using TRreo600SMS

    Here is what it said

    A reset was caused while running Phone

    Line:3654 Free handle

    Does anyone know what this is, or how I may be able to fix this problem with the soft reset when I turn off wireless after using Treo600 SMS... I have NO problems if I do not use the program.


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    Deleted all names from the web site, but it's still giving the error. It doesn't even seem to connect before the error occurs. I don't think it's hit the server at all.
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    Originally posted by williamc69
    Deleted all names from the web site, but it's still giving the error. It doesn't even seem to connect before the error occurs. I don't think it's hit the server at all.
    You probably need to go through the registration procress again. Go back to the Enable SMS icon and redo the registration process.
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    Will there be any upgrade discount for Treo300SMS users? Or will we have to pay the full $20?

    Just wondering ...
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    New Treo owner- do I need BOTH of these or do they do different things?
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    I've sent a couple SMSs using Treo600SMS to one friend, no problem. When I send to another friend, however, I get "An error occured (19) when sending this message". There are no funky characters, and Treo300SMS sent to this friend fine. Ideas?
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    Its aother $20, no upgrade
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    ok..finally went to the pdaapp folks and got the answer. Error 19 is caused if you have an 11 digit phone number (ie: a leading 1). They say they'll have a fix for this, but till then, just delete the "1-" from the phone and proceed apace!
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    Anybody wanna buy me this new nifty SMS for the Treo 600?? trade ya for double the cost in sprint credit.
    But I guess I'll have to take that dreaded walk in 3 days when this one expires.
    "I have to return some videotapes."

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