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    I have used treo mail on my treo 300 for a year. It has been fine for getting e mails. I can read documents but it hasn't been enough of a problem for me to get a 3rd party soft ware.

    Treo mail just said new program coming out and must be used by January.

    So as I think of going to 600, i wonder what are the advantages of snappermail vs the new treomail?

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    i personally prefer SnapperMail. Tried Treo Mail and the thing i don't like about it is that you have to check it even if your at home to clear the messages! In other words, i check my mail on my laptop, delete the spam, read the messages, delete the ones i don't want to keep, file the ones i want to keep. Then, the next time i go to Treo Mail, ALL those messages are back in my inbox!! It's not real-time or in sync with my laptop this way. With SnapperMail, it checks my mail the same way my laptop does, so i only have to go through what i havent gone through on my laptop! Treo Mail was more expensive and it's a service you have to pay for and i've already got an email service i'm paying for.
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    A biased opinion but I bought TreoMail when I bought my Treo 300 last January. There were a few technical things I did not like and looked for an alternative. Snappermail was highly regarded so I went in that direction and have never regretted it. From my perspective, its a perfect email solution, although you will find others who think otherwise.
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    I bought Snappermail (lifetime upgrade license) last year when I activated my Treo 300. I am very pleased with the product.

    Most important to me is that the folks at Snappermail are always developing and distributing improvements. I have faith that they will continue to support hardware and OS changes.

    Xiino on the other hand....
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    the redirector version on visto (treo mail) allows for wireless synching of inbox and sent folders. You can also get the mail automatically pushed to the 600. Word attachments can be read but not modified.

    Snappermail is pop3 only, but don't need to leave your computer (hooked to an exchange server). It does not push or have sms notification of new mail (it can fetch at preset intervals), it does not sync inbox or sent folders over wireless or w/ conduit. What it does really well, IMHO, is attachments, in native format no less.

    So I have both...use Visto most for everything excepect native attachment handling...
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    My Treo 600 is supposed to arrive this week, and I was wondering how snapper mail interacts with pop3 servers. I use my university's pop3 mail server, and I've been having my laptop download my email, deleting it from the university's mail server. I store all my old email, both sent and received, on the laptop, and I find it useful to have it all saved.

    With snapper mail checking the pop3 server several times a day, will the mail remain on the university mail server, or will it be downloaded to the Treo 600 and deleted from the server? Is this an option that I set? I wouldn't mind deleting it from the server and storing it on the Treo, if it could then painlessly be transferred to my laptop for permanent storage.
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    Snapper has several options to delete (or not to delete) messages from the server.... so you're covered.


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