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    Just noticed a small quirk with Pocket Tunes/MP3s

    If the MP3 is copied to the Treo via Hotsync then the ID3 tag info information shows up in Pocket Tunes, if I copy it direct to the SD (actually an MMC) card using a USB card reader then Pocket Tunes does not display the ID3 tag info.

    I've done a file compare on MP3s copied over Hotsync and they are not being modified in any way so, is the Treo writing the tag info somewhere else during a Hotsync?
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    Mine does not act this way. Copied files to a SD card using a PC card reader. Pop the card into the treo and Ptunes shows the id3 tags fine. Don't know what is different.

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    I also copy MP3s to SD using a PC USB card reader. ID3 tags show up fine in pTunes.
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    A bit more research confirms that the copy method is a red herring. It would appear that there is just something different about the ID3 tags on some of my MP3s such that Pocket Tunes can't read them.

    All the 'missing' tags show up as normal IP3v1 in Winamp and if I update the tag with Winamp, Pocket Tunes does then recognise it.
    Palm Vx -> Palm M505 -> Treo 180g -> Treo 600 (UK GSMrevA)
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    I've had a similar experience with other software/hardware not correctly reading the ID3 tag info. The problem is that some ripping/tagging software does not fully follow the ID3 standard, and when a program like PocketTunes looks for the tags, they will not be displayed if the format isn't correct.

    You've already found the solution: re-tag the files with a good program such as WinAmp or (ID3X for the Mac).


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