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    Make sure you don't have the desktop piece running and go to:


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    Well I installed it on my desktop and ran the Palm installation program. Now I can't HotSync. Anyone else able to get it to work?

    Updated: Rebooting the desktop fixed the HotSync problem so you may have to reboot after installing.

    Emails works. Document transfers keeps failing. Guess I'll test it more later during the day.

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    How come the Treo 600 isn't listed as one of the compatible Palm devices?

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    Yea, I wondered about that too. Early this morning I had no problems with email. Got an error everytime I tried to view a document. Right now I can't connect at all with the desktop client and says "temporarily unavailable".

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    Don't worry the 600 is supported. I got this directly from Sprint. Also the site site is back up and working when I tried it a few minutes ago.

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