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    I got my T600 this week and I want to suggest you/we consider the following before you span the T600 out of existence. First when I got the T300; others and I posted complaints about…
    “Why such and old Version of Palm Software…”
    -The T600 runs palm 5.
    “Battery Lift of the T300!..”
    -The T600 has dramatically improved the battery life.
    “Style and Design too boxy and ugly!”
    -The T600 is beautiful, Stylish but professional color.
    “Screen Display can’t be viewed during daylight!”
    -New screen is viewable anytime.
    “Cheap Plastic Case feels like a toy!..”
    -Great Metal Case, Classy form fitting curves no rattles feels like quality.
    “The processor is too slow!..”
    -T600 is plenty fast now…
    “I hate the flip cover!..”
    -No flip cover on the T600
    “Not enough memory on this thing…”
    -SanDisk has taken care of that problem.
    “For this money they should throw in a … I don’t now; how about a camera…”
    -T600 has a built in camera.
    “The Keyboard is so big I can’t dial with one hand while driving with coffee and a cig…”
    -T600 redesign small built for one hand dialing.

    These are just a few complaints I could think of, the point I am trying to make is that the T600 may not be perfect. No-Thing is at least not for everyone; but I give Handspring extra points for trying so hard and really listening. It all comes down to trade offs.
    Better Screen--- Less battery life
    Bigger Keypad---Others would says its too big
    Lighter Phone---Cheaper Casing
    Flip cover to protect the screen---More Weight and some hate to flip…
    Better speakers---Weight & Power
    And so on and so on..
    Calm down, enjoy what you have, Look at the other options you have NOW not in some Disney world. There is no way a company can make a PDA/Phone that everyone will be happy with. The thing plain works.
    Big Hands / Small Hands, Phone Users, PDA Users it goes on and on. The bottom line is stop nitpicking and lets talk about improving the Tips and Software to Run on these devices. Otherwise go ahead and lug around a 4-pound UPS scanner box like the G1000. Just go read the post on the T-w or Clie sites.

    Don’t get me wrong I have concerns too. Just as all of us pioneers who jumped on this early release. We don’t know what we’ll find. But so far so good my only real concern is what will happen when I drop this thing???

    So if anyone out there had bounced the phone a few times please let us know how it survived.
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    Here, here! As someone in another thread once said, and pardon me for misquoting " we would be bored silly if the perfect device came out" What then. What we do is enjoy the anticipation of each new device, then play with it until we're almost divorced, show it off in public, and wait with anticipation until something new is on the horizon, with just a few tweaks to excite us once again. How sad we would be without this cycle!

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