To make this question simple:

I owned a Treo 300 for just a little over a month. After a few weeks of use, the paint on the plastic was "rubbing off" in many key places. Pictures are worth a thousand words:

I didn't much care, as I didn't spend as much as those who got the T300 back in the earlier days!

Now that I put out the wads of cash for the 600, I am wondering about it's durability! The 300 had a tough screen, very resistant to scratching, and I am hoping that the 600 will be the same. This is a beautiful phone, with all its chrome accents and black colors, I would hate to see scratches start coming as soon as they did with my 300! Anyone have comments about this?

I am wondering if the black on this phone was painted on, or if the plastic is truly dyed black? If it does get a scratch, will it reveal a dull gray plastic underneath a painted black outside? That kind of contrast would be grossly apparent, and hard to hide! I sure hope not!