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    The backlight on my new Treo 600 seems a little weak towards the top of the keyboard and under the application keys and 5-way navigation buttons. The symbols on the application keys can't be made out and I didn't notice for 2 days that the triangles on the 4 directions of the 5-way actually light up because it is really faint. I seem to remember someone bragging on here about how cool the blue-lit keys are... mine are barely noticeable.

    I also have a hard time seeing the secondary symbols on the top right row of they keyboard, like "@", ")" and "(". I have to look really hard to see them in the dark. Also, the two symbols on the numeric keys aren't clearly distinguished from each other in the dark because there isn't enough light under them. Again, I have to focus hard to see exactly what the letters are in the dark.

    Does anyone else have any of these issues? I can live with this, but I would like to know if this is normal or if my unit has sub-standard keyboard backlighting.

    Thanks a lot.
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    looks just like mine.

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