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    I am currently stuck in quite a dilemma and would like some input from others to see if I am on the right track (hopefully this is the right forum).

    * I need a GSM phone that will work in the United States as well as Europe and eastern Asia.
    * I need a Palm based PDA with sufficient amount of RAM so I can load my medical/Drug reference programs (e.g. ePocrates).
    * I wouldn't mind a stereo audio (mp3, personal notes, etc) player along with a voice memo recorder.
    * Bluetooth would be a huge plus for wireless headset while driving.
    * I need a full fleged browser (not just WAP) so I can get onto the hospital intranet via 802.11b wifi
    * Ability to grab and send email via phone data services or wifi.
    * I need to be able to use VoIP services like Dialpad or something similar to take care of international calls when I am near a WiFi network (although I do not think dialpad offers a Palm client).
    * I would like a high-res camera built in although this not mandatory.
    * Another wish list item include a built in "webcam" for video conferencing (if possible).

    Because of my needs, I really like the Treo 600 although I do not know if all the items I need exist at this time to allow such things to happen. It is because of this that I am considering just getting the Sony PCG-U101 laptop from since it will give me everything I need except for a phone and the usual Palm/PDA functionality. Is there anyway to get around having to carry a tiny subnotebook, PDA, camera, mp3 player/recorder, pager, cell phone?
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    The Treo600 will give you most of what you want, however:
    No built-in bluetooth or wi-fi, though those will eventually be available through SDIO cards.
    No high-res camera, just low-res (VGA).

    If I were you, I'd get the Treo600GSM (whenever it becomes available!!!), but I don't know what your priorities are...

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