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    Could WiFi be around the corner?

    Saw this on the SanDisk website. Palm OS 5 compatibility listed for Fall 2003. Looks like the card will protrude a little higher than would have liked. Anyone see any other cards that do not stick out as far?

    Also wanted to add that the Treo 600 is my first cell phone. Can't put it down! I've been waiting years for this converged device. Looks like my iPod and Sony Clie PEG-NR70V are going to lucky family members. I think I'll keep my digital camera until the next Treo comes out.
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    The T600 is great, but there is no way it is dethroning my Ipod as the coolest gadget I own Especially now that iTunes is out for windows. Sync'ing is so much better than with MusicMatch (I still like MusicMatch though! - just have never liked its "portable devices" interface - slow, clumsy, and out of place in the GUI). Anyways, Itunes is pretty smart, and is "simply powerful", making the complete package just too sweet to give to a "lucky family member"! And they will be a lucky family member indeed! I can't believe that the T600 is your first phone! That's quite a dive into the world of cellular...

    And yes, a SD WiFi card will have to stick out that far. Think about all the electronics they have to pack in that TINY little piece of plastic!
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    You WANT it to stick out that far... that's how you get reception. A non-protruding wifi card would get terrible reception.
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    I realize that an antenna needs to stick out. I could swear I saw somewhere on these boards another WiFi card that sticks out about another half inch. It was a much more elegant solution than SanDisks. Anyone know the link/company?

    I found another WiFi card link from these discussion boards (this card isn't as tall, but is wider):

    zoomer777, I was kind of a Luddite when it came to phones. It is nice not to have to be tied to technology all the time. This device will be more of a pda/web browser for me. I will probably have a lot of my calls go to voicemail.

    Maybe you're right about the ipod. It's so nice to have your entire collection of music at your fingertips. It's just that with a 512mb or 1GB SD card in the Treo, that would hold more than enough music to tie me over until my next sync with (itunes) my computer.

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