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    I have a 256mb sd card. When I put it in my card reader on my computer to download music onto it I keep getting a message that says it's write protected. I'm using Pocket Tunes for mp3 playback. I tried adding the palm folder to my shared folder but that didn't work either. Also, I'm using BackupMan. Thanks to anybody who can help me
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    check out this gots the switch on the side?
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    Yeah I figured it out. That switch only halfway works. I had to rapidly move it back and forth a bunch of times to get it to realize it was unlocked. Thanks for your help. Stupid Sandisk caused me a lot of aggravation.
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    I am also having trouble with Panasonic 512mb card. I loaded about 350mb of music on it and it does not appear in Pocket Tunes when it is loaded on 600. When I place it back in the Lexar Multi-Card Reader the music appears in the I drive of my computer. Help...Oh yeah, the card says that it has a copyright protection function. I also have a San Disk 256 card that does not advertise the protection.
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    Under the PTunes Actions Menu, select open, open the Audio folder, select all and OK. See if that fixes the problem...
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    I've also experienced problems trying to transfer MP3 with a reader with my 512mb card. Problems such as Pocket Tunes causing resets, missing music, deleting probems, playing problems, etc.

    This was my solution that I posted on a previous thread. The card now performs flawlessly.

    I used MusicMatch to create a playlist since it's way easier than creating one by manually searching the My Music folder. Then, rather than export the MP3 files (via MusicMatch) to the SanDisk card reader, I exported them to a folder I created within Add-On instead. Then, using the Palm Install Tool, I just click on Add and select the music in the folder I created and do a Hot Sync.

    Whatever method you choose, it seems (to me anyway) that you're better off keeping the card in the Treo and using the Install Tool rather than the reader. Yes it's slow, but it works.
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    I'm having the same problem with a SanDisk card. I can write to it through the hotsync cable, but not through my desktop reader.

    Any ideas?
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    I'm not sure if this is the problem folks are having, but you need to place your mp3's in the "AUDIO" folder at the root on your sd card for pocket tunes to "see" the files. This is similar to the requirement for using the pictures program that pix need to be located in the "DCIM" folder at the root in order to see them using the pictures program.

    I have no problem dragging or copying/pasting files to the sd card using my reader as long as I place them in the proper folders. Beats the heck out of hot sync!
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    I just got off the phone with SanDisk and their incredibly bland support team. If they showed any vocal inflection of interest in what I had to say, I missed it. I think the whole team just took Sominex or something.

    Anyway - I've got an RMA and they'll be replacing my card with a new one. Thing that really sucks in that it'll take about 2 weeks turn around to get my new card. No more MP3s during that time.

    C'est la vie
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    My 256 SD is all of a sudden not reading in the Treo or anywhere else for that matter. I tried my Dazzle reader, my Zire, my camera....nothing. Inserted it this morning into the reader and voila, there are my files....put it back in the Treo, get an error message. In and out a couple of times generated more errors. Then BOOM, working fine. Took it out again, back in, NOTHING.
    Like I need anything else in my life being tempermental, yanno?
    Any ideas?
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    I was having problems with my SanDisk 256MB SD card. I could write and read from it when it was in my Treo 600 but not through my IOGEAR GFR280 card reader. When I tried to use it in the card reader it would simply not be recognized. Following a suggestion I saw in another thread, I formatted the card in my Treo. After that, no problems. I was able to load about six and a half CDs in about 3 minutes. Moral of the story: use a reader, format the SD card in your Treo, and be sure to place the audio files into the AUDIO folder on the card. I hope that this helps!
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    i am having problems with my SanDisk 256MB mini SD (whatever that means) when ever i try to download music to it it says this disk is write protected and to either unwriteprotect it or use anyother disk since this is the only disk i have..
    is it possible to get the write protection off?
    how do i do that?

    ps. please email me

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