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    What is the difference between a secure digital and a multimedia card?

    Do they work differently in a Treo 600? Is one faster than the other?
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    There may be some fancy technical difference that I don't know about, but the basic difference is that SD has a little switch on the side that allows you to write protect the card while the MMC does not.

    That may be the only difference.
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    Other differences of note:

    Write speed is faster on SD cards - quite a noticeable difference.

    SD cards also have a digital rights mode for secure content. Never found a use for this though.

    Physically the MMC cards are much smaller - about half as thick.
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    I believe that SD cards also have the ability to have higher memory capacities.

    SD is significantly faster.
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    Something to realize too is that some devices only support MMC. My Nokia 3650 is that way. Would have liked to get a faster SD. Check this site out for measurements:
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    so can mmc be used on the treo 600? and is the speed difference noticeable on smaller apps that are moved to the card?
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    From my experience MMC cards in sizes 16 mb and less with very small apps are little to no difference with SD cards of the same size.

    When I first picked up my m505 back in the day I got some apps (Dictionary and Thesaurus) that came on MMC cards. After poking around and playing with them I ended up copying everything on the MMC card onto an SD card. If I recall the MMC card held 31 mb of app and data and was so freaking slow I didn't use the thing at all. Once I copied them to an SD card it speeded up the apps enough to be usable.
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    this is the SD card site

    this is the MMC card site.

    check out their speeds, MMC seems superior. correct me if i'm wrong.
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    Originally posted by bumberbee
    check out their speeds, MMC seems superior. correct me if i'm wrong.
    The site is incorrect, probably their translator screwed up.

    SD typically has newer circuitry since a lot of the MMC is older -- specs vary widely amongst brands with regard to speeds and power consumption. But the main thing is that SD cards have 4 data lines rather than the single data line of MMC.

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