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    about that rattling sound that some have reported associated with the on/off button.

    how loud is that rattle? i am having a pretty loud one (really sounds like a loose screw inside). i didn't drop the treo or anything like that.

    i was wondering if any of the ppl who have heard the rattling sound could let me know how severe it is and if it has created any problems?
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    I never really even noticed it until I read the previous thread about it. I shook it just to see if I could hear it. It can hardly be heard and I dont see how it could affect any of the practical uses for the phone. It's a non issue (to me at least).
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    I've heard a few people mention the rattle.
    The closest I came to hearing this was the wireless on/off button on top of the t600 is a little loose and makes a slight rattling sound. Try gently holding the button with your finger and shaking to see if this is it. It may also be another button, see if you can narrow the sound down.

    If it is actually inside, I'm not sure how I would feel about that.
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    If you put your finger on the button and the sound goes away, the rattle was in the power button. If not, you may have another problem unique to your phone.
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    Today my T600 too developed that rattling sound, which, you're right, sounds precisely like a loose screw inside the unit.

    I actually held it up to the phone so the Handspring Rep could hear it.

    I'm suppose to receive my replacement phone Tuesday or Wednesday.
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    Mine has a very loud rattle in it as well. It sounds like something is loose inside. I thought it was only me! Thanks Treo Central!
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    Crap! Now mine too and I just finally had it configured properly. Looks like I will be calling HS tomorrow for a replacement.
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    I've had mine for 4 days, and the only rattle for me is the ON/OFF button on top. I can just put gentle pressure on it to stop the rattle when I shake it. Nothing worth making note of though.
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    First it was a very quiet rattle and didn't bother 2 days later its like a screw came loose. Anybody contact HS yet? If so what was the response? thx.

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