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    The SKU on the Body Glove case is 76059. The case is actually made by Fellowes. But their website does not have the case either. The full barcode is 77511 76059.
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    Thanks for the info!

    I've been to two Bay Area CompUSAs and neither have it. Maybe with the SKU they can look it up and see what stores do have it.

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    Here it is...

    I bought it becuase it was the sexiest thing ever to hold my 30 gig ipod PERFECTLY (I have had 7 different cases, this is BY FAR the best for iPod) and i recently tried it for my t600 and.... whala..... it is perfect!

    I love it because the belt clip has it's fulcrum at the very top of the case and (unlike the case that comes with the ipod) doesn't have the hinge for the clip in the middle of the clip.

    the only possible downside is that is has the clear openings on the back for the ipod... i wish they would make it identical to this with leather all around.. (However, I like this becuase you can even use the phone through it (as the ipod wheel is in the same place as the directional pad)

    it even has a hole for syncing (although not for heaset)

    in short... this one is the best so far.

    I think that this is a link to it...

    DLO Podfolio Leather

    I Got it at compusa:

    COMPUSA item number: 306792
    description on reciept: NETA IPOD LEATHER $29.99

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    I picked one up this evening. My only concern is that the belt clip is attached in the back smack dab in the area where the screen sits, so a good bump is going to push the belt clip into the flexible neoprene into the screen. If the case were made of a stiffer material, I'd be less concerned about it. Still, not a bad case, just not quite as rugged as I'd like.

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    Originally posted by nrosser
    I do have one very small issue with this case - it seems a <little> tight on the 600. In fact - I noticed after one day of use that the little rubber grip dudes on the back corners of my 600 were starting to come out a little bit, after pulling the 600 out of the case a few times. So I am using a little ox of staples to 'train' the Ipod case to a little larger size. Hope that does the trick.....
    I bought one of these and was also concerned about it being tight. Thanks much to nrosser for the tip of using a box of staples to "train" the case. I left a box in for about 30 hours and it did the trick. Now fits pretty much the same as the OEM slipcase. The T600 slides in/out easily.
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    I bought the ipod case and it is just wonderful. I also ordered the handspring case and it is too bulky, gets caught in things and it's hard to get the treo in and out of it.

    I think the ipod case is the perfect case. It is significantly better.

    To find it, go to, click on
    ipod accessories, and look for:

    iPod Carrying Case with Belt Clip
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    About the body glove case..

    Apparently it's a discountinued model.

    The correct SKU is 305901

    You can find them in some stores or order them by calling 800-834-7328 but you cannot purchase them online.

    I just ordered one. It'll work until I find something better.
    Sean Dotson, PE
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