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    I can't reproduce either of those resets - the Blazer or SMS one. What hardware rev do you have (dial ##786). I have "B".
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    Bug 1 - the bug related to the URLs in Blazer

    Fix: You need a file app like Filez or McFile or zCatalog. Delete the files Web Find Autofill and Web URL autofill. All should be well after that.

    Bug 2 - the crash when searching or looking up a contact

    Fix: Resort your contacts in the Options:Preference of Contacts. Set it to the other sort order and hit OK and then go back and put it at the original - e.g. Last name, first name. I think a third-party contact manager is setting the sort order of Contacts incorrectly. Not sure of this fix but seems logical to this Klingon.
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    I have found a bug in Blazer that is repeatable on an HTTPS connection to a web site with frames. If I try and switch from optimized mode to widescreen and back it crashes Blazer according to the ##377 debug message.

    Also, on IE or pcoket PC IE you can slide the frame bars to adjust the size of the frame. Blazer ignores all attempts to adjust the frame size.
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    I also have ver B.

    Thx for the suggestions, but neither fixed the problems mentioned.
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    i have revision c
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    fix for bug one seems (a few posts earlier) to work just fine.
    haven't tried the second one yet (dont even know if i get that bug or not)..

    thanx mwomwom
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