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    Anyone know where to get a cradle from in the UK? has plenty of charging accessories (car charger etc) but no cradles.
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    Also looking for accessories in the UK. Might have to end up ordering from the US. Can't believe that Orange would launch a product yet not have the accessories ready to go as well.
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    Driving me slightly potty too, but when you consider that lots of Orange shops don't have the devices yet it is only 'half launched'.
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    I guess cradles are less important for smartphones as they are usually carried around more often than PDAs.

    A lot of two-device people I know leave their PDAs behind when going out for the evening.

    Stuff I'm looking for:

    twin sim adapter

    smallest bluetooth voice headset adapter

    skull candy- style stereo headset

    a 2.5mm to 3.5mm stereo adapter that's smaller than the Radio Shack/Maplin F94 I'm using

    somewhere to attach a lanyard

    a holster for the Treo 600 that's a bit like the ones you carry guns in!
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    Well I have ordered the Jabra BT adapter.

    Anyone had experience with universal twin sim adpters like this one:
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    I'm also going mad that there are no accessories in the UK yet. I imagine Orange are busy "branding" them with Orange packaging etc and sticking on some high prices...
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    Does anyone know if the cradle from the older Treos fits the Treo 600?


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