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    I am a new Sprint customer with a T600. I downloaded the PDANet preview for the T600. It works really well... impressive.

    For those that have used PDANet and Sprint PCS for a long period of time, have there been any issues with "overusage" of Vision, like a surprise bill or a nasty email using PDANet?

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    This has been disscussed overly in T300 group. If you use more than 1GB data within a month, you may get a surprise call from Sprint telling you that your vision is suspended. No surprising billing.
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    how much usage would 1gig be?
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    recieving 1 gig of data
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    sorry, I mean, what's an example of 1 gig of data? 1000 emails? 50 webpage downloads, etc? thanks
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    1GB = downloading 200 MP3 songs, or 100,000 MPG images, or 2 CD disks.

    If you don't download MP3 files, listen to online radios, watch online movies, 7/24, you'll never consume that amount of data and nothing to worry about it.

    I think such a very high 1GB limit is very good; so people won't abuse the God-given service with MP3 downloading and we still can enjoy web browsing and email without worrying about the limit.
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    Basically, don't over due it on Kazza! And don't rely on it as your primary isp...bad mistake...
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    Thanks for the replies. My plans are to use it for "surfing the net, check email" when on the road about 6-8 nights a month.
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    thanks for the explanation. I'm as wireless as I need to be, but I was actually thinking about if something went down, to use in an emergency. I definitely don't need it at home, and with my hew treo, I'm not going to lug mu laptop around, so this is more of a just in case. BTW, is there a monthly charge after the trial period? Or just the purchase price of the app? thanks again.

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