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    Does anyone know when the GSM version of the Treo 600 will be available?

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    You've have hit on the 399 dollar question. Lots of speculation but nothing solid. Rumors range from next week to end of November.
    Jake Pratt
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    that is the million dollar question.....

    here are four scenarios:

    1. It will come 11/3 as per ingram micro (unlocked)
    2. It will come when T-Mobile and/or Cingular certify it (11/24 best date now)
    3. It will come when handspring has said it would come "end of month"
    4. It will come when sprint decides everyone who was sick of waiting for GSM bought a sprint one instead.
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    Ok, as of Wednesday (from a source within Handspring) the date for GSM release is earliest Wednesday, Oct 22nd and latest Friday, Oct 31st.
    Can I promise it's all true? No. Can I wish that it is? Sure.

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