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    i have bought a Treo 600 GSM from Orange Swiss. After playing around I have recognized that every time I want to take a Picture after waiting a little time i get many ugly, resistant blue pixels on the screen. mostly on the outer side of the screen. if I hurry up i can take the first picture really good. but after having saved the preview screen is again full of these blue pixels. when i move the camera around, the blue pixels dissappear a little. The only solution so far is switch between camera and picture list. maybe the camera is restarted.

    What do you mean? Bad ccd? Or software bug?
    Anyone has the same problem on GSM version?

    Maybee i add some sample pictures later.

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    Its not the GSM version, its the actual camera itself. Its just generally a poor quality camera. The blue pixels are caused by the lighting conditions, the camera does have automatic brightness adjustments for the lighting condition, so thats why after a few seconds it starts changing it around (usually for the worse). I have the CDMA version and it does the same thing.
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    I believe it has something to do with the type of lighting. I don't get the blue pixels when I'm outdoors or in a room with fluorescent lighting, but I do when the illumination is from an incandescent bulb.

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