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    Got any recommendations? I heard SnapperMail is great, but are there any standout apps that I can look into?
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    Free (a great price) Eudora mail from

    IMAP and POP3 in one plus HotSync conduit for mail synch from pc as well as wireless- VersaMail from

    Other than these you already have the best with SnapperMail. It's attachment support is unmatched.

    If you like web based email services, you cannot get better than the capable: It does Hotmail, AOL, Juno and any other type of account you can think of.

    There is also a cool piece of software that allows OWA (Outlook web access) to work weell on Palm devices:
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    Just get Snappermail!!

    They have the best support and it works!
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    I also recommend Snappermail. But if you want more info about the variosu options available, I recommend you read this nice overview of all the various email solutions by palmsource:
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    Snappermail is one feature short of perfection, IMHO. If it could only send and receive in the background, the way TreoMail used to, it would be perfect.
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    If you're a Sprint user, the new release of Biz Conn allows you to sync your POP mail onto the Treo (it always gave you access on a PC browser).

    And the new Biz Conn does synchronization 'in the background', so it doesn't take over your Treo. As CambAngst just mentioned, SnapperMail, the new version of TreoMail and others do not do this background synchronization....
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    Mine takes over my Treo. You're saying you don't get the sync popup when it does it's thing?
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    KRamsauer, when you say it "takes over your Treo" -- aren't you still able to switch to other apps like Palm contacts, Palm calendar, etc.? I am able to do that even when a sync is going on in the background....

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