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    I have seen a lot of people talk about OWA (outlook web access) through treo. What I havn't seen anyone talk about is the new OMA (Outlook Mobile Access) that is in Exchange 2003.

    I have setup OMA a few times for my customers and it works like a charm. Works on any browser. Now the interface isnt the best if your device isnt directly supported (devices that directly supported have a nice GUI) but it definatly works. I have used it on business trips, and while ive been on the road.

    So if you want outlook access to your company email system, you should upgrade to exchange 2003. OMA is a treat.

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    Thanks for the heads up. We just upgraded to Exchange 2003 at our office. Man, now I gotta buy the IS guys a few beers so they will hook up OMA.

    Have you actually tried it with the 600 yet?
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    I havnt tried it on 600. But I know for 100% fact that it works.


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