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    with my treo 600 due to arrive on monday, i was preparing to re-rip some of my tunes to 96kbps (or lower) mp3 -- to get more mileage out of SD card capacity -- but i just did some reading on re: ogg.

    i'm interested to hear any opinions from those who have used both formats on their 600.

    is it worth it (from a filesize-to-audio-quality-ratio standpoint) to re-rip some of my music to ogg instead of a lower quality mp3? do you actually get smaller file sizes with comparable-sounding audio quality?

    also - the pTunes site lists all skins at 320x320 resolution. do they gracefully "compress" to 160x160?
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    I've done some reading of Ogg-vorbis and it seems the way to go for me. The problem is that I have some 400 albums in MP3 already. I could really use an mp3 to ogg vorbis converter that would be free.
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    First off, I wouldn't reccomend transcoding from MP3 to Ogg Vorbis. It'll sound worse than the MP3 you have now. Rip new stuff into Ogg, though. It sounds better. :-)

    If you have an MP3 you want on the Treo, I guess you'll have to recompress. One of the features I remember reading about Ogg was that it's possible to remove the least-significant bit to make the file smaller i.e. convert 128kbps to 64kbps without converting to WAV and back. I don't currently have any tools to do that, but once I get my PocketTunes email, I'll find or write one.

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    Yeah, I figured a lossy copy of a lossy copy is going to be bad. At the same time, I figured that maybe the MP3 to Ogg doesn't have to be lossy.
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    There was a free converter for download posted earlier in another thread.

    I don't remember what the website was, but if you do a search, I'm sure you'll find it.
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    Hiya, what about coverting talking books from cd's or tape, (library of congress' format for the blind and disabled (used in the national nibrary service audio books program), monoral recoreded 17/18th's instead of 1 7/8, but converted to two channel monoral upon playback, (so it plays thru bothsides of the head phone,)), since talking books do not contain music, the file should be able to be compressed rto a smaller format than an equal tiem of music. Would this be true with working with .ogg format??? thanks take care, jay
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    I think the Ogg format would still be about half the space than MP3. I'm not really sure though, but as I haven't encoded anything non-music. It's always worth giving it a true though.
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    I thought I remember reading somewhere that OV requires more processing power than MP3s. Can anyone confirm? Sounds like battery life may suffer...

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