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    I notice when using the speaker phone when I am at 2 bars of strength the speaker phone cuts in and out is this normal? The other person I am calling is on a land line. I figure 2 bars would be a good strength. Does anyone else have this problem? I am still within the 14 days of purchase to exchange it. I unfortunatly do not know anyone else with the same phone to see if theirs does it.
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    It happens to me to but I am in a known marginal reception area.

    Does it happen with speakerphone off for you?
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    I would have to guess and say no. My wife says when I talk to her on my phone using speaker phone she says I sometimes cut in and out but when I switch to normal then she hears me fine. Guess more testing is needed. Is is just me and jrv having this issue? Is it just how speaker phones work on cell phones?
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    I'll bet that the speakerphone has a squelch-like effect on it to prevent echo and noise when there is no audio input.
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    If the phone is laid on a hard surface it might confuse any software attempting echo cancellation.
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    I now have several friends with Treo600's some are experiencing horrendous echo problems in normal conversation (the hands free seems to be just about unusable for conversations due to the caller experiencing echoes).
    Last night I called a friend from my T600 to her T600, I experienced my own voice echo. adjusted the volume which had some slight effect, after about 10 minutes of chat the echo went, even after turning volume up again. any clues anyone?
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    I have this same problem. The speakerphone is useless at this point. Cuts in/out all the time. I use speaker when waiting on hold for when I am calling Tmobile etc. I cant even have it on speaker then because it just cuts in/out or echos.
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    Yes, it happens to me on the speakerphone and earpiece part. Never did it on my Treo 300. I'm very disappointed, all of these features mean nothing if the sound quality is bad.
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    I talked to my contact a Handspring. He forwarded me to support for a possible replacement.

    He said the unit he is using doesnt have this problem.

    I am on the phone with support, will let you guys know how it goes.
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    They had me to a hard reset, that didnt work.

    I just did some weird reset called a powersupply reset (hard to-do too) and it will be a few mins to find out if it worked.

    I will report back.
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    No luck. They are going to send me a replacement. Sadly, speakerphone is a feature I use all the time.

    The new one better fix the problem.
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    I now have access to 5 Treo600's (friends) - they ALL echo on hands free. Two cause an echo to be heard on person calling them in normal operation. :-(
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    I am just hoping that the new version fixes it.
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    Ok got my 2nd unit today (replacement).

    SAME PROBLEM. Ok handspring, this seems to be a BIGTIME DEFECT. We need someone over there addressing this.

    Its impossible to use the speakerphone. The person im calling hears themselves. It doesnt even function at the lowest volume setting.

    Maybe we need a dedicated post here about the speakerphone.

    I am currently on hold with HS...
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    hmm - well I'm about as tuned in as anyone to spkrphn quality (having worked for a speech recognition company for 3 yrs), and my 600 seems fine. I use the spkr every day to record my PCS voice mail greeting, and it sounds great to me. In fact I like the spkrphn btr than even the handset.
    So - who knows?
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    Mine hasn't had this problem, but make sure you're not using the speakerphone on a wooden desk. This will no doubt worsen the sound quality and cause echos and feedback.
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    No. I do technical support for a living. I have tested it on every serface possible. I have also called Handspring on the speakerphone. If I called you, you would no doubt say its a defect.

    When the person on the other side speaks, they instantly hear themselvs speak in echos. Its so strong that they say its as if they are speaking to themselves. Its no light echo, its full volume and loud.

    I know alot of people here don't have this problem, but it seems there is a run of units that do. Its really horrible, can't even use it. ITs not a matter of being picky, its unusable.
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    It is a real problem - and its phone related not network etc. See earlier posts by me with results from friends phones on GSM. Some phones even get it in normal mode. I have spoken to Chris at Treo repairs UK - they have had no T600's back for repair yet!

    Main difficulty is that it affects the caller not the Treo600 owner, so you can be blissfully unaware of the problem.
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    I am using an ulocked TREO600 and everyone complains about the echo, especially when I call other cellphones. It makes it unuseable.

    Proves that Handspring never tested this unit properly. 2 of the features (speakerphone and camera) are crap.
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    I tested this by leaving myself a voicemail. No probs....sounded almost as clear as anything. Try leaving yourself an email so you can listen to the quality.
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