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    If you are like me, you are getting quite tired of the memory card popping out when removing the unit from your holster, or the form fit case strap hitting the card, etc.

    Well, I just tried a little experiment that seems to solve the problem, albeit with one minor drawback/warning:

    1) Wrap a SINGLE turn of scotch tape around the TOP (furthest end from the memory card contacts) - make sure the ends of the tape end in the MIDDLE of the card and not on an edge (to avoid jamming).

    2) Insert the card carefully into the slot to ensure that the tape isn't scraped or torn by the edges of the metal slot.

    Voila - there is JUST enough tension to prevent the card from popping out.

    However, here is the drawback:

    DRAWBACK: The card will no longer freely move within the slot and will require removal via a small "pin" wedged at the top to push up on the card.

    For me, as I do NOT remove cards frequently, this is a great solution... for those of you who get tired of removing/reinserting your cards to reach your data/apps that no longer appear in the launcher, this is probably a great fix until card manufacturers TRULY design to the smaller end of the SD specification.

    Good taping!

    Lee Ladisky
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    dear Lee,

    Thanks a million, worked like a charm! take care, jay
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    Originally posted by ilovedessert
    dear Lee,

    Thanks a million, worked like a charm! take care, jay
    Glad it worked! I do agree with posts in other threads that on a $600 device it was a little short sighted to make such a week SD slot, but hey - it's my only complaint and it was solved easily and inexpensively...

    Therefore, the netcost of my device is now: $599.000001 ;-)
    Lee Ladisky
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    I agree about the slot, but that is the only fault I have found so far, so it is no big deal. I love the unit. I was also very impressed with the sound quality and volume of the mp3 player! take care, jay

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