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    I have noticed that a great deal of software, even those made for PalmOS 5 causes my Treo 600 to reset. A few crashes badly enough that I have to do a hard reset.

    The software I use are nothing special, no hacks, no pqa's, nothing weird.

    Anyone else notice this too?

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    Some OS 5 software assumes a 320x320 screen. PalmOS never said that all OS 5 devices would be double density or above, but some developers made that assumption. Palm OS 5 can now handle from 160x160 thru 240x320 up to 320x320 and 320x480.

    Over the next couple of weeks people should sort this out. Bejewled for example works great on the 600 and gives you 0S 5 extra features. GTS racing doesn't as yet.

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