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    Thinking very hard about switching to Sprint for the CDMA T600. I'm currently a T180 user on T-Mobile in Atlanta, GA. Reasons why I'm considering:

    - I barely get reception with T-Mobile at my new house.
    - Sprint's t600 is already available! This is BIG!

    For others that have made the carrier switch, care to share your thoughts?

    - Does the CDMA battery life issue give you pause? Probably still better than older Treos.
    - WHat about the price plans? I can't decide on this one.
    - Service issues? I"m seeing a lot of people saying "dropped call" with Sprint and T600.

    Joanzen for a T600
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    Keep in mind that as of November 24 you will be able to take your mobile phone number with you if you switch carriers.

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    I switched from T-Mobile to Sprint for basically these same reasons. I had either no signal (often) or one or two bars at home under T-Mobile. I usually have 3-4 bars with Sprint, so I'm able to use my cell phone at home once again.

    I had Sprint for a while a couple times in the past and only switched to T-Mobile because they had cooler phones at the time, such as the Nokia 8290, Treo 270 (before Sprint had the 300) and Sony-Ericsson T68 (which turned out to not be such a great phone after all).

    I was actually pretty happy with T-Mobile except for that pesky can't-use-the-phone-near-home problem.

    Anyway, I'm now the happy owner of a Treo 600 on Sprint. I picked the bottom plan with Vision since I don't tend to talk on my cell phone for more than a couple hundred minutes a month. Of course, you can always change your plan if you end up using it more than you thought you might (or so they told me on the phone). I've found the unlimited Web access particularly nice (faster than T-Mobile, where I had a cost-for-bytes-downloaded Web plan).

    As for battery life, I haven't found it to be a problem yet. Seems long enough (and better than my 270). Of course, I usually charge my phone each night (I'll be happy once the desktop charging stand is available), and I don't use it for multiple hours in a day.

    As for keeping your old number, that could be a benefit of waiting if that is important to you. I've actually kept T-Mobile active for now and set it to forward all calls to my new cell number. I was thinking that I might check to see if Sprint could move my number over after that date passes, but I don't know if they're going to allow for that since I'll have had the Sprint phone and its own number for several weeks by then.

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