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    I cannot find which button will allow me to make a caret ^ on the 300. can anyone help?
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    Type a lower-case c. Press the alt button (the 0 in the dialpad with the ... on the same key). A popup list will appear on the screen. Scroll down to the caret. There seems to be a small caret and a bigger one, use the one you need.

    If you need reference on how to type any other character using the Treo keyboard, while typing go to the edit menu and select Keyboard Help, or use the shortcut :menu:G and scroll down to the bottom to find the reference lists.

    (This info was found out by using the Treo 300 emulator. I don't have my Treo 300 yet, but it's shipping in the mail as we speak!)

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    Thanks so much for your reply. Although I have a 300 and now a 600, I thought for sure that I had gone thru all the letters and their alternatives - obviously I hadn't, and for that I am grateful for this message board. My husband is thrilled (since he now has the use of the 300 and will probably only use it to access the internet and check his stock quotes!) and thanks you too.

    all the best,

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