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    Went to Wally World to get a SD reader. Was told they are about $30. Saw what I thought was a USB rom (the keychain memory that some in sizes like 128M and such). It was $19 and I wanted to see what size it was for that cheap. It was not what I thought it was. It was a Lexar Jumpdrive Trio. You can stick a SD,MMC, or memory stick into it and the PC thinks it's a temp drive. SO I pluged it in and drug my MP3's into it and BAM...
    I had tunes.

    It's (IMO) a quick, cheap and easy way to get your MP3 or OGG to the T600

    Here is a link to the info

    Just wanted to share that, Matt
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    I picked up a JumpDrive Trio a couple of weeks ago in anticipation of getting my Treo 600, and can affirm that it rocks! I've had it in my pocket carrying around a 256M SD card since I got it. It has come in handy a number of times, when I've needed to move files between machines on different networks. I had forgotten how handy sneaker-netting can be

    The only downside is that there is no loop to stick it on a keychain.

    Since it is a USB 2.0 device, the transfer speeds are great, and it is definitely small enough to always have on you. A great companion for the Treo 600.
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    Same here - gotta love Wally World!!
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    Would "Wally World" be Wal-Mart?
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    Originally posted by speclcajun
    Would "Wally World" be Wal-Mart?
    Yep - He He.
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    Another great option (for laptop users) is the PNY 4 in 1 PMC adapter card. You can insert the SD card directly into the adapter card and the transfer rate is blazing fast. Oh, it also works with OS X w/o any software.
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    Yeah Mahn! I be Jammin!

    Picked up a Fujifilm 256MB SD Card, a PNY USB Reader and downloaded the free version of Musicmatch. Took all of 40 seconds to zap 42.9MB of music files ( Matchbox 20 - Yourself or someone like you) onto the SD Card.

    Listening to Rob Thomas belt em out while I type this!

    Rock on Treo 600 users, Rock On!!!

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