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    After 3 days of TREO hell (activate DOA 600, bounced between hs & sprint 10 times, reactivate 300, tear the lid off of my 300, reactivate 600, Vision Provision hell), Today is Sat. morning (7am E) and still no Vision!!!!! I read the threads this morning... did a soft reset and Voila!!!! VISION!!!! which rocks!!!! However, no i can not turn it off!!! I access the web or email (Snapper) and the network icon stays on.... I can even make calls while the net is on?????? So, I have go to Prefs and manually turn off the net.

    You know i am amazed at what little life we all have!!!! To **** around with this bleeding edge crap that is really useless at the end of the day. The 600 is no better than the 300(except for battery)!!! I still can not log on to my bank and check balances... Yet we have all rallyed to be the first to buy it. To be HS & Sprint's beta testers and not be compensated is really... really sad. Instead we pay them and fedx it to boot!!! We even have this awesome forum to share our loser lives.

    Well, f--k HS & Sprint... i am off to Key West to get as far away from TREO and try to catch some dinner.

    be well to all TREO losers,
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    Wow, such anger!

    You can setup the blazer app and Snapper mail to automatically disconnet you from the Network when you exit the application. You can also go to the network pref. pane under the preferences icon on the applications page. Just select disconnect and you are done.

    In the future calling a entire group of Treo users "losers" on a treocentric site might not be the best way to get help. Regardless if it is tonge in check.

    Best of luck,

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