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    Hey dudes!

    I've had my Treo 600 now for about 2-3 days

    I actually ordered it from Handspring last weekend and asked for an express shipping service --- I was TOTALLY shocked to get it by Wednesday

    anyhoo --- onto the review

    First off --- this Treo is a HUGE improvement over the 300....... which shocked me, because I loved the 300 - but seriously, this is a HUGE improvement, and for $400, I think its a bargain (especially if you're like me, and you use a Palm and Cell a lot)


    BUILD --- This thing is built like a metal brick now! Yes, it is a bit heavier, but it feels SOOOO solid...... the 300 was a lite piece of plastic with chipping paint....... so far, I see no signs of chipping paint on my 600, and very little signs of abuse, because this thing is built TOUGH --- I've owned many Palm Pilots, as well, and this one, so far, is the toughest they come!

    EASE OF USE ---- AMAZING!!! How can you make the Treo even easier to use?? Add a joystick in the middle and make it easier to control than my own TV remote! Seriously --- when you receive yours, do the tutorials, and learn how to use that middle button and joystick --- it makes the phone so much more easier and functional to use!

    RECEPTION --- I could be wrong, but so far, I think the reception of the 600 is even BETTER than the 300........ probably by around one or two bars.... I get no Sprint PCS reception in my apartment, but the 600 can usually pick up something, which is pretty cool

    ROAMING --- unlike the 300, which only roamed on CDMA, I think the 600 can roam on other networks ---- I only say this because I notice that my 600 roams in all of the spots that I formerly didn't have reception

    AOL --- my $20 AOL application even works better over the 600 --- and definitely not as many dropouts, so far, as the 300..... hopefully, it stays that way

    SCREEN --- awesome screen!!! HUGE improvement! The screen is MUCH brighter, and the colors are nicer (not hugely nicer, but the brightness is REALLY improved)..... Once again, I have yet to see a Palm Pilot that has a screen this bright!

    SIZE --- Although it is heavier, the size is a bit more accomodating..... it does not seem to be any fatter than the 300, but it is smaller in width --- which is cool, because I only carry this thing in my pocket (so I want all the space I can get)

    BATTERY ---- BIGGEST IMPROVEMENT OVERALL..... the battery on this thing lasts FOREVER --- I talked on it all day today, on only one charge, and it went strong all day! The 300 would've given up 1/3 of the way through

    STYLUS --- the 300 didn't have a very tight fit with the stylus, which would cause it to slip out a lot --- the 600 has a real nice, tight, fit --- but with the navigation button in the middle, I doubt you'll ever pull out your stylus anyways

    KEYPAD LOCK --- when I purchased the 600, I was really worried about the exposed keypad, mainly because I thought the phone would constantly turn on, while in my pocket --- hasn't happened at all! The keypad will not turn on unless you press the power button at the top of the phone --- it works great

    SPEAKERPHONE --- excellent speakerphone! bigger speaker, less distortion, louder sound, much better overall!

    MISC --- Palm OS 5 makes a lot of cute noises as you click on stuff, which is just kinda cool --- makes your Treo feel more futuristic

    CONS ---

    Not many cons, but here goes -

    KEYPAD --- the keypad is fine, but its a lil squished in...... you'll get use to it though

    NO SCREEN PROTECTOR --- I kinda miss this, but hopefully, long term use will make me forget about this

    NO BT or WIFI --- well, that's what the SD slot is for, and hopefully a card comes out soon

    Overall --- better screen, much better battery, better navigation, better reception, better roaming, everything is an upgrade!

    Don't wait for Treo 700 --- use your money now and upgrade (or buy it) !!!

    You'll thank me later (and btw, THANK YOU Sprint and Handspring)
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    Nice review... as I continue to salivate over my recently shipped device.
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    at all! The keypad will not turn on unless you press the power button at the top of the phone --- it works great

    How'd you do this? Whenever one of my four app buttons gets pressed, the screen comes on. I have the keyguard on, so it goes off after 2 seconds, but I'd rather just have the top button be my on/off, with the app buttons doing nothing. I hate Keyguard.

    Otherwise, I agree - the TREO600 rocks.

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    Good review
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    dgil --- ya know, same with me, those four buttons do turn it on

    they don't seem to go off very much in my pocket though
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    Just spent three days on the road with my new T600...

    MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better than the T300. To save space here, I'll just say that I concur with 98% of what HasanDaddy had to say.

    The only thing I wanted to add is how astonished I am at the power you have with just your thumb! Handspring did an amazing job of basically eliminating the need for a stylus. As a travelling salesman, I need to check e-mail, make calls, get calls, check my calendar, etc., etc., over and over again (sometimes while driving 80MPH down I85)....and this thing is UNBELIEVABLY EASY to use!!


    Thanks to the Treo Imagineeers!!!
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    This is just killing me to wait for mine to arrive!
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    Originally posted by lb505
    This is just killing me to wait for mine to arrive!

    I read your post and thought that even thought I already have my Treo 600 and totally dig it that if I did not have it yet I would be climbing the walls, and then I looked at your avatar and it just totally cracked me up!!! Then I noticed it was your first post and it made me keep laughing—in an empathetic way.

    Anyway, welcome to the forum, and let us know what you think about your Treo 600 when it arrives.

    The waiting is the hardest part,

    There is a great difference between knowing and understanding. You can know a lot about something without understanding it. —Charles Kettering
    Treo 600: Love at First Sight by Jake Ehrlich

    Thoughts on the Future of Handheld Computing: A 5 Part Series by Jake Ehrlich
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    I figured I can spend the next week reading all the forums, the user manual and the Handspring website and ~maybe~ I won't feel like such a novice with the phone when I get it. I had talked myself out of buying one when my washing machine broke down two weeks ago. Then it turned out after I refinanced my house this past week, there was an overage check of about $280 and if I sold my 8100... well, anyway, I'm joining the club soon.


    p.s. My cat, Steve, deals well with humility. He probably can't wait until my kids move out.
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    ib - you're gonna LOVE this phone!

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