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    I have the 2000 anytime minute with free extra phone and pcs vision. I just looked at what is currently being offered and it is 2000 minutes for 100--I pay 90 now--plus $25 for extra phone with vision. Looks like if I took this plan my cost go up $25. Getting a $150 credit for a 2 year contract looks like a losing deal.

    Does anyone have any insight? Did I get this right?

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    I totally know where you're coming from. I'm on the same plan, but with $85 per month for the same thing. I just re-upped for another year to get my 5% monthly discount. I'm also a Treo 300 owner and was able to get my phone through HandSpring with the trade-up discount.

    If you've owned your phone and plan for 18+ months you'll automatically receive a $150 credit toward a new phone. Also, you can buy a serial on eBay for around $10 and use the Handspring upgrade plan. I'm not really a fan of this option, but it's so widely available that you'll discover it by reading the boards here anyway.

    Also, you can just straight buy the phone off of eBay for around $460 right now as well. This is about $20 more than you'll pay in ordering it from Handspring with the upgrade discount. Plus you'll probably get your phone sooner than I will

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