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    Got a Treo 600 from my local SprintPCS store today. This thing is beautiful and the best hi-tech unit I've seen so far. Never seen such a cute thing that's designed by a USA company and it's even better than anything made in Japan.

    I don't want to list all the good things because this forum is already full of them. I don't have any complaint neither, except the screen - Chinese font is not readable while they looked perfect on T300 with Xiino. BTW, Xiino on T300 is still better than the new Blazer on T600 (the old Blazer on T300 was useless).

    I still want bluetooth; so I got a T-mobile Sony Ericsson T610 also (P800 is out of question because it must use a stylus). I don't want to bother with other carriers because they don't offer unlimited data. In addition to the $20 add-on unlimited datas plan, T-Mobile also has a $30 Internet Plan for unlimited data and $0.2/min voice. The T610 is beautiful too and BT works great. Synchronization and dialup networking via BT is something once you have, you'll miss forever. There are some serious shortcomings though:

    1) Forget about using T610 for on-phone web and email, as you can with T600/300 (their strongest selling point). Email is painfully slow and, although supported, multiple email accounts is even more painful. You have to switch between accounts and, to make things even worse, all downloaded messages are gone whenever you switch account. Therefore, you still need a PDA or laptop for Internet, even for very basic emailing and web browsing. This is not a big hassle though, because when you use T610 as a wireless modem, you don't need to touch it whenever you make a dialup from a PDA/laptop via BT. Very convenient. I use a Belkin BT USB adapter which found the T610 and installed the right modem driver automatically. All I did manually was to give the dialup # for GPRS (called as T-zone by T-Mobile) which is *99#.

    2) Forget about using T610 for organizer neither, because notes (memo) cannot be synchronized. The Sony Ericsson desktop software is garbage and don't bother to install it. Don't bother to pay and upgrade the software neither, because it still cannot sync notes. Anyway, the phone's notes function is very limited and uses a special and stupid format that's totally not compatible to Outlook's notes. The Belkin BT software has everything you need for T610, including fully feattured synchronization, file transfer, serial port emulation, networking and modem dialup. Belkin software even lets you directly explore phone's pictures, ringtones and other files. Way too cool!

    3) While dialup is very convenient, the speed of T-mobile's GPRS is no compare to Sprint's CDMA2000. I got 40-50k downloading speed with T610 via bluetooth; with Treo 300 and PdaNet I always reach 150K. I guess Treo 600 will do as well. Well, 50K is still pretty good.

    4) T610 gets no signal at all in my office where both T300 and T600 works (spotty though). In my home, T610's reception is spotty while T300/600 is no problem at all.

    Sorry for talking so much about the T610, but I think most T600 seekers would like to know because they face similar tough choices. So, the conclution is:

    1) Sprint has a better network and no need to wait for the GSM Treo 600 for lower speed and worse coverage. Unless I must have bluetooth, I'll stay with Sprint. According to the history, Sprint will always be the leader for hi-speed wireless data. CDMA2000 is winning big over GPRS in Japan, according to the current issue of IEEE Spectrum magazine.

    2) T600 is the winner for its small size and stylus-free design, but with some serious shortcomings - low screen resolution and no BT. Low resolution almost eats up its strength over non-PDA phones. With such a low resolution, the only reason left for one to buy T600 is that phones so far can only visit WAP not WWW (I know there is the reqwireless browser for java-enabled phones but it is still very limited and it is too slow and instable). Lack of bluethooth, T600 is not a good choice for modem for laptop neither. If there were a better and cheaper PDA (Tungsten T | C is too ugly and is even more expensive), I definitely won't buy T600 but go T610 + PDA instead. I bought the T600, mainly because I cannot find a better stylus-free PDA or organizer. As a PDA, screen resolution and BT are not big issues. As a PDA+phone+Internet+modem, I wish someone will make a SD BT card for Palm OS5 soon and I wish the next Treo will have a 320x320 reflective screen.

    3) If Sprint had a bluetooth phone, the choice would have been very simple. I cannot believe Sprint (or Sony) dropped that CDMA bluetooth phone.
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    After couple hours of Treo 600 use, I think I'm returning it. I'll live with my Treo 300 for now, until a hi-res screen Treo (or alike) and Xiino for OS5 are available. Blazer is not something I can live with and Chinese fonts are not readable on Treo 600's screen. Not because the screen is too small or the fonts are too tiny, the screen simply cannot show all the pixes of a font. Seems even the 160x160 resolution is not physical but achieved by digital interpolation (at least in horizon dimmension). I'm not sure about this though, just my guess while trying to explain why the same fonts looked perfect on Treo 300.
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    Another thought:

    Get a Sony UX50 to pair with your BT phone. I use a Siemens S55 BT phone and a UX50 and the combo works great. 2 devices, true, but amazing surfing and messaging on the UX thanks to the awesome landscape screen and keyboard.

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    If I have to live with a BT+PDA comb, the only PDA weights out Treo 300 is the Samsung Nexio S160. With its 800x480 screen, I can really do Remote Desktop for serious works.
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    If you can live without the keyboard consider the Pocket PC XDC II (has BT) when t-mobile rolls it out later this year (fingers crossed). If you have to have the keyboard then sit tight since I don't see any other PDA/phone combo with keyboard coming down the pipes....
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    I am very pleased with the combo so far . I have had T300 for a year. I am very happy with his combination personally for me this offers more features , better resolution , large screeen , bluetooth better browser, more memory .

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