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    I updated the link to the screenshot... It not points to a small web page I put together where I will post my skins. I'm working on an apple iTunes like one. I should have a screenshot of that one later today.
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    AirData: I made an Apple / iTunes type one... check it out on my site.
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    Love the skins! One question though, what keypad button do I press for "stop"?
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    Pablo, you're an angel man. Just tested the iTunes skin and its another homerun. I'm torn between which ones to use now. You've made a great contribution to the Treo 600 community. I hope these skins make their way to the official Pocket Tunes site and you get all the credit you deserve.

    SprintUser, the Center button on the 5-Way will pause and play. Another control that's not well documented is that a double-click on the center button will bring up the playlist menu. So technically, the program is one-hand friendly.

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    Just stumbled on my own answer:

    Press the center for Pause and then the right arrow...and it stops. The iTunes skin is cool for this. Hit Center, the stoplight turns yellow for pause, hit the right arrow, the stoplight turns red for stop!

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    Awesome skin. Thanks sooo much.
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    I found a small bug in my AppleiTunes skin... I will try and have a fixed version available this evening after I get home from work.
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