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    ORDER THE TREO 600 ASAP!!! This week I purchased a DOA Treo 180 / serial # ($11) from a reputable dealer with 5000+ positive feedbacks on Ebay, ordered the Treo 600 (upgrade) for $399 from Handspring via (which got me another $19.95 off), paid for the overnight shipping, and I have it in my hands right now. The real kicker is that Sprint gave me a $100 service credit (50 per bill over the next 2 months), 5% off all of my bills, and no fees to setup or switch phones. ALL I DID WAS ASK!!! So after it's all said and done... $599 for the Treo 600 + $11 for the DOA Treo / serial number - $200 upgrade special + $14.50 for the overnight shipping -$19.95 for ordering via - $100 service credit - $0 for "setup / switching"= $304.55 TOTAL!!! AND my monthly bills are going down by 5%! I'm probably going to add the $4 insurance... seems like everybody thinks that it is a good idea Thank you very much Handspring, Sprint, and Ebates!!! If you're on the fence, GO FOR IT!
    If you want the Ebates discount, you can click on the link below (and earn you and me some cash!)
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