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    The point is that Sprint has not paid licencing agreements to Hotmail, so they don't want you to be able to access your e-mail from your phone...that's why it works from your computer, but not from your phone.

    What you need to do is click this link:
    ON YOUR COMPUTER, then sign in if need be, click on the top icon...Hotmail. Then copy the address line to a memo pad, then copy it on your device to the url line in Blazer. Once you load that page, save it in your you can get to it easier next time. Put in your e-mail and password, and viola. If it says unable to process your request, just click on the INBOX link...I just did it on my 600 and I'm looking at my E-mail
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    grr, I did EXACTLY as you said, but I STILL get an error on the treo after loggin in that says cookies are required and not enabled. And there is definitely a checkbox next to enable cookies in blazer's preferences.

    What gives???
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    E-mail me with you phone number and I'll call you in the morning to walk you through the took me a few times in the begining too. E-mail:
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    thanks. email sent. talk to you in the morning (really late now and I'm too tired to talk about this)
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    I just did what was said and got the message "your device is not supported". Damn has MS changed it again now?
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    I just got my 600 today, and re set up hotmail tonight. One hour ago. Make sure that the URL that you copy to Blazer is the URL where you are looking at all your e-mails, but in Mobile form...yet on your computer screen. That is the URL that you need to copy...hope that helps
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    Remember guys, early reports indicate that many early adpoters are having serious problems with cookies on the new Blazer. If you can see the hotmail link on the portal while viewing on your desktop pc, but not on your Treo, something is definitely fishy.

    I would recommend clearing cookies and your browser cache, then going directly to the PPC portal. Then try to load it a few times.

    If it still doesn't work, and Colin's method doesn't work either, I would seriously consider going to a Sprint Service Center and exchanging the phone for another Treo 600.

    There is no issue with Sprint " not allowing use of the PPC portal on a Palm device." I have successfully used this for not only Hotmail but local news for about a year on my Treo 300 using Xiino. The only other explanation I can think of is that Blazer 3.0 does not support certain scripts embedded in the portal neccessary for authentication. If this is the answer, then I am very dissapointed. Xiino already beats Blazer 3.0 in terms of speed, I would hate to think that a product released over one year ago is better in features as well.

    After all, this is supposed to be the finest that Handspring (now Palm) has to offer!
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    I think you have to suscribe to the free "my-msn" service now.

    I also use the URL " "

    just my 2-cents, matt
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    When I use your method on my phone it says cookies not enabled. When I do it on my PC it says "We're sorry. There is a problem with your access to this premium service. Go to our Web site at on your PC to learn more, or to contact product support." .I have no clue....
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    Posted this elsewhere but applys here too.
    Deleted my "Web Cookies" file (Main Screen, Menu, Delete, select "Web Cookies", hit delete, restart Web Browser).
    Could not get Hotmail (or any other site that required login name and password) Now everything works!!!

    Now my phone is no longer the "Hotmail Nazi"!
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    I had the same issue-- a corrupted cookie file. A tier-2 tech had me do a hard reset in order to rebuiild it. Works great ever since!
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    Glad to hear you got it working. I thought it had something to do with the dreaded "cookie" problem with Blazer.

    FYI, I have been using the portal less and less now. The reason being that I have noticed that when sending an email from my Treo, some messages are being bounced back as undeliverable. This has been happening more and more frequently, and I think it has to do with Microsoft turning hotmail into a paid service from a free service.

    The worst part is that the "undeliverable" message doesn't hit my email box for a few days after I send the email!

    Anyone else have a similar experience? Or is this just an isolated incident for me?

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