There has been much discussion on how to get a Treo 600 cheap. It looks like the 'rebate' idea is gone so now the best way is via handspring for $399.00 with a valid treo 300 s/n - but it ends 10/29.

I just wanted to let everyone know a method I am using. For starters, I lost my treo 300 a few weeks ago and paid the $35.00 for a 'refurbished' treo 300. They said I would only get the phone, not the accessories. What I got was a brand new 300 with all the accessories. So with that I decided to sell it on ebay and move to the 600. Bear in mind, a new Treo 300 goes for $230-$280 on ebay whereas a used one may only bring $150-200. So I'm hoping to get $225.00. (actually the buy-it-now is $225.00) Also, I expect the value of Treo 300's to drop in the near future as more become available on ebay.

Next I called sprint to ask about getting the $100 - $150 discount if I sign up for a 1 or 2 year contract. Well that is only good if your phone is more than 18 months old. All of our Treo 300's are not that old. However I did borrow a spare samsung from my brother to use for a few weeks while I make the switch to the 600. While doing the ESN switch, a nice rep at sprint said I could use THAT phone to get the discount.

I have a great plan (89.00 per month for 2 Treo's, unlimited data, 2000 anytime, free N&W, free long distance minus a 20% discount because I work for Xerox). That plan is no longer available, so I don't want to switch and couldn't get a better deal anyway.

So, long story short, I will hopefully get 225.00 for my 'new treo 300' on ebay, then sign a 2 year contract to get 150.00 back from sprint, bringing my net cost to $25.00 for a treo 600.

p.s. if anyone wants a new Treo or look on ebay - I just listed it today 10/17.

p.p.s. - I heard that if you work for AT&T, sprint will give you a 25% discount on your monthly bill. I'm not sure how they verify that you work there....when I called 2 years ago and said I worked for Xerox and wanted the 20% discount, they just took my word for it. If you work for a big company there is bound to be some sort of national discount that sprint will give you.