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    I got a Sprint T600 a few days ago, but haven't been able to sync it. When I press the sync button, either on the cable or on the screen, the T600 says, "Connecting with the desktop using cable/cradle" and then "The connection between your handheld and the desktop could not be established. Please check your setup and try again." The Hotsync application on my Mac doesn't lauch at all. If I connect my T300 to the same cable and press the sync button, everything works fine. Does it sound like a defective port on the T600? Anyone else having problems syncing?

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    I had the same problem... after a number of different experiments I was able to figure out that it was either the cable OR the connector at the bottom of the phone.

    Most likely it is the cable... I called Sprint and they are sending me an entire new phone since they do not sell the syncing wire independent from the phone. I told them that this was ridiculous since Handspring sells it for $24.99.

    I would have bought it from Handspring and avoided the whole thing but I want to wait to buy my accessories when the cradle is available. That way I will have to pay for shipping once.

    I should be getting my second phone with a new cable withing 3-5 days... Hopefully, the new wire will do the trick...

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    The driver file for the 600 is new. You have to install the new CD software to make it synch. The Treo 300 software will not do it.

    The message on the handheld does not really tell you anything useful. If you get a reaction from the Mac then that is different.

    Try seeing if the Mac 'sees' the USB device. If it does, you probably have a good cable. Click on the Apple (top left corner) and choose About this Mac.... From this dialog, choose More Info...
    System Profile should open up. Click on the USB item under Hardware. Now start a HotSync and see what appears in this area. You may have to hit <Apple> R to refresh the view to see it.

    I see Palm Handheld and then some detail in the lower panel. Product ID 768 and I can also see the product serial number.

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