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    OK, so I just got a 128Mb SD card. The 600 is my first Palm device with removable memory capability. I have put a bunch of MP3 on it and also backed up everything in RAM using BackupBuddy VFS. Beyond that, I'm not wholly sure what the advantages or disadvantages of using one form of memory over the other are. I noticed that Blazer won't use the card for its cache, which is a shame because I think that it could be much faster with a bigger cache. (While we're talking about Blazer, I think it is really stupid that it has a fixed cache. It would make a lot more sense if it could just be made to dynamically use an appropriate percentage of available RAM.)

    So is there a best practice for using memory cards? Are there some data or applications that are better used in one place or the other? Should I just fill up RAM, and once it is full, start filling up the SD card?

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    I suppose it depends on what apps you run. Leave enough space in RAM for your largest app, then put everything else (and all mp3s and videos) on the SD card.

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