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    I managed to buy a Treo 600 for $399 even though I never owned a Treo before and have never had Sprint before. I bought a serial # for a broken treo 180 for 11 bucks on Ebay which enabled me to buy my t600 for $399 without signing up for a contract. I am not activating it until number portability goes into effect Nov 24th . . Does anybody know whether I'll have any trouble signing onto my wife's Sprint plan as a family plan . . even though I didn't buy the phone from Sprint and have never had a contract with Sprint before? Do I just walk into the Sprint store and ask them to activate me after adding my new phone to my wife's plan and asking them to transfer my old cell number to the new phone? Will they care where I got the phone?
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    have your wife call and add it as an add-a-phone. Have her dial *2 when you are ready to do it. There will be no issues.
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    OK . . thanks alot . . so, all I do is have my Treo charged and ready to go . .then she hits *2 on her Sprint phone and they add-a-phone to our plan? What about the fact that I'm going to wait til Nov 24 so that I can take my cingular cell # with me to Sprint on my new Treo? Do you think THAT will cause an issue?

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