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    I bought a Treo 600 from Sprint on Monday the 6th and received and activated it on Tuesday the 7th. Handspring announced their previous owner rebate on Wednesday the 8th.

    So I got my handset from Handspring today, boxed up the "old" Treo 600 to return to Sprint, happily dropped it off at the UPS station .. came home ... looked at the Handspring box on my table and realized to my horror that I'd shipped my "old" phone back in the "new" box.

    The reason this worries me is that a SKU and ESN are included on a label that's plastered onto the side of the box. The actual phone is the one that I bought from Sprint. I mostly left the brand new Handspring accessories (including unopened manual) in the box since I figured that would be nicer for whoever receives the phone down the line.

    Should I panic about my refund? Should I call Sprint 100 times to try to figure out whether this matters?
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    If they say anything just play "dumb". as screwed up as they are they will probably never even notice it.
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    I would never call sprint cs in a case like this you would only be giving them an opertunity to really screw up badly id rather give a 4 year older a hammer and tell him to go find something to fix

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