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    i'm not sure yet.

    one of my biggest reasons for the change from 300 to 600 was the screen viewing in daylight and the sd card slot. the 600 solves this.

    i'm mainly frustrated now at the incompatibility of some of my most important apps and the 600/os 5

    Snappermail will not give an audio alert if you have the key board lock on , which is almost essential with this unit.

    Treo Alert isn't compatible at all with the 600,so i have no call nag.

    I think the key board is way to small but i can live with it.

    I get lock ups when i use the cache, thus i've set this to 0.

    It has been mentioned before that the cookies are not being grabbed. a few of my prescribed to web sites seem to support this.

    Yes, there are some inherant problems with the 600.

    I have three days left to decide. I was hoping to find some answers here. thus far it seems everyone has an issue or two.

    As for my 300 it was a good work horse, just not outside.
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    I can tell you is that snapper mail swears they will fix the problem. I had a case make that is horizontal made from thick stiff leahter used for motocycle saddle bags, lined with lambs wool, (it was made for my treo 300, but the 600 fits like a glove and if i store the treo screen facing inware you do nto need the keyguard! take care, jay

    after 2 days,m tye will have to drag it out my cold dead hands, i love it!!!!!
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    I'm sure a lot of apps will be fixed to work on the Treo 600 /OS 5.0 very soon.

    Jack Flash will soon have Treo 600 support! Yay!

    You will have to pry the Treo 600 out of my cold dead hands too!

    Best gadget since TiVo!
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    I think you should keep it. For $400, you cannot buy anything like this. My Treo 300 too has been doing everything great, but I want to get rid of the stylus and the flip cover. Without these two hassles, I'll use my Treo more often and get more use of the $$ monthly payment.

    That said, I'm as dissapointed as you are on the software side. I use Treo mainly for reading web, especially Chinese sites, while I'm in a long line or in a long trip or whenever the only thing I can do is to wait. Now the new Blazer is still a pain to use (compared to Xiino) and Chinese fonts is too tiny to be readable. Even so, it is still a good organizer. Yes, $400 for an organizer. Can you find an organizer or PDA that's one hand operatable or stylus-free, smaller, cheaper and can synchronize with Outlook? Yes, the Tungsten T | C, but it is $500 and has no phone/wireless. The new Rolodex RK-8203 is almost there - small, light, cheap and synchable to Outlook, but it cannot write notes and it is very painful to use!

    Those organizer and PDA designers never use one themselve!

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